Pierced type 'Prince'

type Prince


- Pine Wood does not splinter when broken .
- Pine Wood is preserved ( 20-25 years ) .
- Everything from stock .

- The planed and round wood poles can not hurt your horse.
- On both sides the same view.
- the girders go through the poles it.

- Delivery throughout Europe.


Placing themselves or by our installation team. When you let our places
You can be sure that this will be done professionally.

type Prince:

The fence consists of square fine bezaagde poles of 12x12 cm by 2.20 meters long.
Top standard with diamond top and sergeant stripes, pointed bottom.
Square planed girders of 4,5 x9, 5x500 cm.
These are available with 2 or 3 girders.


The poles are every 2 meters or 2.5 meters installed to guarantee the stability and security

are maximum.


Other options are possible.

Our fences are to be impregnated in green / brown or dark brown creosoting.



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